FEMAP V11.2.1 y NX NASTRAN V10.2


Es un placer anunciar la disponibilidad para descarga de la nueva versión del software de pre/postprocesador de Elementos Finitos y Modelador Geométrico FEMAP V11.2.1 que incluye la nueva versión del solver de Análisis por Elementos Finitos NX NASTRAN V10.2 desde el servidor FTP de SIEMENS PLM en la siguiente dirección (se necesita una cuenta WEBKEY válida):


Se ruega encarecidamente a todos los usuarios actuales de FEMAP V11.2 que descarguen e instalen lo antes posible la nueva versión del programa ya que corrige importantes errores (el problema con elementos CBUSH detallado en el SFB-FEMAP-9054) y además ofrece nuevas capacidades y mejoras adicionales en cuanto a prestaciones. La licencia actual de FEMAP V11.2 es 100% compatible con la nueva versión de FEMAP V11.2.1.

En la WEB del GTAC haz clic en “Carga y Descarga de Archivos” y tras introducir tu WEBKEY haz clic en PRODUCT DOWNLOADS y en la siguiente ventana vete a FEMAP > Full Products y la versión 11.2.1 la tienes disponible bajo Windows (64-bit Intel):


What’s New for FEMAP V11.2.1

User Interface

  • Added dynamic face highlighting during Element Face picking and enabled dynamic highlighting of elements in the Connection Region dialog if “Elements-No Faces” is selected.
  • Added “Plane Element Offset” as an option when using the “Model Data Value” option for “Pick^” in the standard entity selection dialog box.
  • Added a Cancel button to the “OK to Start New Model (No=Add to Current Model)?” dialog box which appears when you “drag and drop” an analysis model or geometry file into an open instance of FEMAP.
  • Updated the “Add Connected Elements” option for “Pick^” in the standard entity selection dialog box to dramatically improve performance.


  • Enhanced performance significantly when using the “Mesh > Copy > Element”, “Mesh > Radial Copy > Element”, “Mesh > Scale > Element”, “Mesh > Rotate > Element” and “Mesh > Reflect > Element” commands to create copies of existing elements.
  • Enhanced performance significantly of the Mesh > Extrude commands to extrude elements, the Mesh > Revolve commands to revolve elements, and the Mesh > Sweep commands to sweep elements.


  • Added support for randomizing colors of the various Aero entities when modifying the color.

Output and Post-Processing

Updated “View > Advanced Post > Contour Model Data” command to allow display of “Plane Element Offset” on planar elements.

Geometry Interfaces

  • The following FEMAP interfaces have been updated to support newer geometry formats:


  • Enhanced support for importing geometry files from SolidWorks 2015 by implementing a newer version of the SolidWorks translator.

Analysis Program Interfaces

Several of the analysis program interfaces have been improved. These changes include   NX Nastran Interface and DYNA Interface. For details, see “Analysis Program Interfaces” in the FEMAP User Guide.

bolita_roja NX Nastran Interface

  • FEMAP with NX Nastran bundle now includes NX Nastran V10.2.
  • Added support for NX Nastran 10.2 Thermal and Mechanical Strain (op2 data blocks OSTR1ELC, OSTR1THC, OSTR1EL, OSTR1TH).
  • Updated default value for the “Solid Results in Material CSys” option in the “NXSTRAT Solver Parameters” dialog box in the Analysis Set Manager to be Off instead of On, which will write a 0 to the ELRESCS field on the NXSTRAT entry instead of a 1, which is the default value for NX Nastran.
  • A number of bugs were corrected.

bolita_roja DYNA Interface

  • Added “20..EQ 13: 1 point nodal pressure tetrahedron” as a formulation option for Solid elements to create ELFO=13
  • Updated “Memory (Megawords)” field in the LS-DYNA Analysis Control dialog box, which writes the *KEYWORD MEMORY entry, to allow values up to 99,999,999, as the previous limit was 2,147
  • A number of bugs were corrected.


bolita_roja New and modified API Objects and Attributes

  • Added NumberOfLoads and NumberOfConstraints properties to the API Node object

bolita_roja New and Updated API Methods

  • Added GetAllArray2 and GetCoordArray2 methods to Node Object (returns an extra Variant that indicates which nodes actually exist)
  • Added GetAllArray2 method to Element Object (returns an extra Variant that indicates which elements actually exist)
  • Updated the GetAllArray and GetCoordArray methods for the Node object to automatically zero all memory, so if you ask for entities that do not exist the values returned will all be zeroed
  • Updated the GetAllArray method for the Element object to automatically zero all memory, so if you ask for entities that do not exist the values returned will all be zeroed

bolita_roja The following functions have been added or updated:

  • feAppSetModel32 (method to supplement the existing feAppSetModel method for programming environments where 64-bit integers are not available)
  • feAppGetModel32 (method to supplement the existing feAppGetModel method for programming environments where 64-bit integers are not available)


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