• Nuevo FEMAP V2020.2 MP2 (Agosto 2020)

Es un placer informar que está disponible para descarga desde el servidor FTP de SIEMENS una nueva versión del software FEMAP V2020.2 MP2. El nuevo software resuelve los problemas encontrados en FEMAP V2020.2 y 2020.2 MP1, añadiendo además pequeñas mejoras a funcionalidades ya existentes.

Recomendamos de forma encarecida a todos los usuarios de FEMAP V2020.2 y V2020.2 MP1 que actualicen a 2020.2 MP2 descargando el parche FEMAP20202_MP2_UPDATE.exe (83.8 MB) tal como muestra la siguiente imagen (requiere webkey):

Haz click en la imagen para descargar el software

Los usuarios de versiones antiguas que todavía no hayan actualizado a versiones modernas del software FEMAP deberán descargar directamente el ZIP de la versión completa (es lo que se denomina “FULL INSTALL“) de FEMAP V2020.2 MP2, no 2020.2 ni 2020.2 MP1. Es importante recordar que FEMAP V2020.2 MP2 es 100% compatible en cuanto a licencia y base de datos con 2020.2 y 2020.2 MP1.

Haz click en la imagen para descargar el software

Aquí os dejo información detallada de las mejoras y correcciones que incluye la nueva versión de FEMAP V2020.2 MP2:

FEMAP v2020.2 MP 2 New Features and Corrections
Updates and Enhancements
Interfaces – Geometry
Added support for NX (version 1926).

User Interface – General
Corrected issue introduced in 2020.2 where toggling the visibility check box to show or hide a connector set (i.e, a connector that references a number of individual connectors) caused unexpectedly poor performance.
Corrected issue which arose when copying non-English characters to the clipboard using HTML formatting introduced in 2020.2, as characters from non-English languages (Japanese, Chinese, etc.) were not being sent to the clipboard correctly (PR# 9828549).
Corrected issue that could prevent icons in dialog boxes from properly scaling to the resolution of the user interface.

User Interface – Dockable Panes
Meshing Toolbox – Mesh Sizing tool
Corrected issue when using Mesh Sizing tool in the Meshing Toolbox to resize curves on multiple solids in a single command. This caused some surfaces to be remeshed multiple times, leading to poorer than expected performance.

Corrected issue where rotate about screen location did not work if the “Smooth Lines” option was enabled in the Graphics Options section on the Graphics tab of the Preferences dialog box (PR#9834270).

Performance Graphics
Corrected issue with the visibility dialog when toggling visibility of property, materials, etc. When using the All On or All Off buttons, the display was not updated until the Visibility dialog box was dismissed, then the Window, Regenerate command (Ctrl+G Hotkey) was used (PR# 9834574).
Corrected issue which caused redundant points that no longer exist in model to be remain displayed after using the Geometry, Solid, Add command to add more than 2 solids together. Introduced in 2020.2 and points were no longer displayed after using the Window, Regenerate command.

Interfaces – FEMAP Neutral
Corrected issue migrating models containing Parabolic Laminate Properties to a newer version of FEMAP from all versions of FEMAP from version 9.3 to version 2020.2 MP 1. The error would cause the referenced Layup to become corrupted and could also modify the setting for the Offset Bottom Surface option on the Laminate Property itself.

Interfaces – Nastran
Corrected issue which caused poorer than expected performance when associating Matrix Input list entries to their Matrix Inputs when importing an analysis model with DMIG bulk data entries.

Interfaces – ANSYS
Corrected issue which had could cause Femap to exit unexpectedly when reading an ANSYS RST file if the RST file includes results for Beam elements.

Interfaces – LS-Dyna
Corrected issue when exporting Material Type “54..LS-DYNA Enhanced Composite Damage” which caused the “2WAY (1=On)” parameter to always written with a value of “0” unless “Fail.Citeria (54,55) CRIT” was set to a value of “54”.

Interfaces – Geometry
Corrected bug for command line option -NX to read NX part files. It conflicts with -NX for Femap with NX Nastran mode so changed it to -UG

Loads and Boundary Conditions
Corrected issue where Follower Forces and Follower Moments applied to geometry were not scaled correctly when Vector Length was set to “1..Scale by Magnitude” for the Load Vectors option in View Options.

Corrected Issue which caused FEMAP to exit unexpectedly when using List, Output, Results to Excel command and the instance of Excel automatically launched by FEMAP was closed before the transfer of data was completed.

Output and Post-Processing
Corrected issue which caused creation of a new Discrete Value Set using Range Type set to “3..Range by largest gaps” to perform very poorly when attempting to create ranges when Method was set to “From Data” and any of the entity types found on the “Entity ID” branch in the Contour Data From section was selected in the Contour Model Data dialog box.
Corrected issue where the View, Advanced Post, Beam Cross Section command would not properly display Section Stress results on elements which reference a Bar or Beam properties which have Shape set to Circular Bar or Circular Tube.

Corrected issue with the Facets method on the Surface (feSurface) object which caused it to not return the proper number of xyz coordinates to the xyzFacet output parameter.
Corrected issue with the IsIdenticalSet method on the Set (feSet) object which caused it to report two Sets as identical, even if they are not. This would only happen if the lowest ID in each Set was different.
Corrected issue with vcomponent property on the Output (feOutput) object (Deprecated in 2020.1) where updating output vector components using the vcomponent variant may not properly update the individual component records.
Corrected issue where feLicenseGetInfo and feLicensePrintInfo would return incorrect license counts for certain features.

Si tenéis cualquier problema de descarga, instalación o uso del software no dudéis en consultarme, encantado de ayudaros, OK?.

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