34.- NUEVO PARCHE FEMAP V10.3.1B (Mayo 2012)

Aquí os dejo copia de la información sobre la disponibilidad para descarga del nuevo parche para FEMAP V10.3.1. Por supuesto, si alguien tiene problemas para descargar o instalar el parche como siempre me tenéis a vuestra total disposición, OK?.


SUBJECT: Femap 10.3.1 patch is available

Dear FEMAP Customer:

Please be advised that a problem has been found in the import of results
from the Nastran XDB File.  This issue dates back to FEMAP v9.0, which was
the first version results from the XDB could be imported.  The issue only
affects grid point force data in models which use multiple output coordinate
systems.  Models using only one output coordinate system were not affected.

In addition, a problem which caused the incorrect drop-down to appear in the
dialog box when defining a DOF Spring property has been corrected.  The
incorrect drop-down would only appear after choosing the “End A: RZ” radio

Finally, this patch also addresses the following PRs:

  • PR 1891996 – Corrected a problem renumbering Connector, Connection
    Region and Connection Property references within Groups when the entities
    were renumbered.
  • PR 2193991 – Corrected a problem that caused the “Next” item to not be
    reloaded in the Model Info tree for entities that exceeded the max number
    limit if the tree was ever reloaded – either manually, thru a File, Rebuild,
    or any other command that caused a full rebuild.
  • PR 2194573 – Corrected a problem when using “user contour levels”, the
    texture color interpolation for the highest contour band was not correct.

FEMAP v10.3.0 customers will have to upgrade to FEMAP v10.3.1 before
applying this patch. FEMAP v10.3.1 has several small bug fixes and numerous
new features that will be beneficial to v10.3.0 customers. In addition,
FEMAP v10.3.1 is required to utilize this more critical patch.  This patch
supersedes the 10.3.1A patch and includes all fixes in 10.3.1A.

This patch requires that you simply replace the FEMAP v10.3.1 FEMAP.EXE file
in your FEMAP directory, with the appropriate 32-bit or 64-bit FEMAP.EXE
downloaded from our ftp site.  If you have not previously installed the
FEMAP 10.3.1A patch, you will also want to replace the pskernel.dll in your
FEMAP directory with the one also included in this patch for your


  • Go to http://support.industrysoftware.automation.siemens.com/gtac.shtml
  • Under “Download and Upload Files”, choose the “Download Files” option.
    You will need a valid WebKey to log in.
  • In the “Product Updates” category, choose “FEMAP” from the “Please
    Select…” dropdown.
  • Once in this /femap section, navigate to the /patch, and then the
    /v10.3.1 directory.
  •  In here you will find FEMAPv1031B_PATCH.zip. Download this zip file.
    Inside are two subdirectories, /win32 with the 32-bit updated FEMAP v10.3.1
    files and /x64 with the 64-bit updated FEMAP v10.3.1 files.
  • Unzip to a temporary location, then depending on your existing FEMAP
    installation type, copy and the files in either the /win32 or /x64
    directories to your FEMAP v10.3.1 directory.

To verify that the patch is in place, start FEMAP. In the “Messages and
Lists” window, during startup, you will see “Femap with NX Nastran Version
10.3.1B”. In addition, in Help – About, the Version will be listed as